Self-Timed Multiply-add-subtract Unit Alternates

Yury A. Stepchenkov, Yury G. Diachenko, Yury V. Rogdestvenski, Denis Y. Diachenko, Yury I. Shikunov.  Self-Timed Multiply-add-subtract Unit Alternates // 2020 IEEE Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EIConRus) Moscow, Russia, January 27-30, 2020. — IEEE, P. 1864-1868. (indexed in Scopus). DOI: 10.1109/EIConRus49466.2020.9039039

Abstract—Paper presents the results of a study of the selftimed fused multiply-add-subtract unit (FMAS) alternates. All FMAS alternates comply with the IEEE 754 standard and use the modified Booth algorithm to multiply two input 64-bit operands, followed by the addition and subtraction of the third operand. They differ from each other by internal signals self-timed coding: dual-rail, redundant ternary, or redundant quaternary code. The paper analyzes and compares their features, offers their optimized pipeline implementations and recommendations for their use. FMAS alternates have approximately the same performance but different hardware costs and layout sizes.

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