D.V. Khilko, Yu. A. Stepchenkov, Yu.I. Shikunov, G.A. Orlov. Development of Capsule Programming Means for Recurrent Data-flow Architecture // Problems of Advanced Micro- and Nanoelektronic Systems Development – 2019, Issue II, Moscow, IPPM RAS, P. 40-45.
DOI: 10.31114/2078-7707-2019-2-40-45

Abstract: This paper presents new results obtained in the course of work on the development of methods and tools for software programming and debugging of the multicore re-current data-flow architecture (MRDA). At the current stage of development, the main goal is to automate the construc-tion of a special programmer’s tool – graph-capsules (GC), which visualizes the distribution of computing resources of the MRDA. To automate its creation, a component was de-veloped to construct GC in numerical form, using the model-ling results. The next step in the development of program-ming toolset is the creation of tools for graph and GC con-struction based on their symbolic form, which lays the foun-dation for the creation of the compilation tools in the future. This paper is dedicated to discussing the results of solving this problem.

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