Self-timed RS-trigger with the enhanced noise immunity: США 31.07.2012 г. U.S.Patent № 8232825 / H03K 3/037 / Igor Anatollevich Sokolov, Yury Afanasievich Stephchenkov, Yury Georgievich Dyachenko; Assignee: Institute of Informatics Problems of The Russian Academy of Sciences (IPI RAN), Moscow ‑ US 2011/0121877 A1 May 26, 2011

Abstract: The invention describes self-timed RS-trigger With the enhanced noise immunity. Declared effect is achieved due to that circuit containing storage unit (1), indication unit (2), paraphase data input (3, 4), paraphase data output (5, 6), and indication output (7), is modified by adding tWo inverters (8, 9) and preindication unit (10). Inverters increase output capability of the trigger’s paraphase data output and provide an electric isolation of the outputs of the storage unit from an external environment that leads to increasing immunity of the data stored in the trigger to influence of noises at signal Wires. The preindication unit provides the trigger’s indicatability.

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