Self-timed trigger with single-rail data input: США 04.12.2012 г. U.S.Patent № 8324938 / H03K 19/20 H03K 3/00 / Igor Anatollevich Sokolov, Yury Afanasievich Stephchenkov, Yury Georgievich Dyachenko; Assignee: Institute of Informatics Problems of The Russian Academy of Sciences (IPI RAN), Moscow ‑ US 2011/0121877 A1 May 26, 2011

Abstract: A self-timed implementation of single-stage and tWo-stage self-timed triggers With single-rail data input is provided. This is achieved by a circuit containing storage unit With element indicating transition termination, single-rail data input, control input, data output, and indication output, into Which a conversion unit is added Which converts single-rail data input and control input signals and has data input, control input, data output and control output. An additional feedback output alloWs for speeding-up transition of device, Which is a source of the single-rail data input of the trigger.

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