Functional Approach in Self-timed Circuits Design

Plekhanov Leonid, Zakharov Victor and Stepchenkov Yuri. Functional Approach in Self-timed Circuits Design // Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS’2015), Batumi, Georgia, September 26 — 29, 2015. P. 282-285.

Self-timed circuits have the unique properties of a lack of competition. One of the main problems of such circuits design — the analysis on self-timing (elements switching) and the construction of large circuits. In traditional approach computational complexity is so great, that it does not allow to analyze the most important practical circuits. In the functional approach we propose hierarchical method: on the lower level logic functions of elements are analyzed, on the top — the relationships between blocks. The complexity of calculations here is close to the linear function of the size of circuit. Such approach solves one of the main problems of self-timed circuits design — analysis circuits of any size. The efficiency of the proposed methods was confirmed by the developed SW.

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