Yu. A. Stepchenkov, Yu. G. Diachenko, D. V. Khilko, V.S. Petrukhin. Recurrent data-flow architecture: features and realization problems // Problems of Advanced Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems Development, 2017, Part II, Moscow, IPPM RAS, P. 52-58.

Abstract: Results of development of the multi-core recurrent data-flow architecture (MRDA) focused on effective implementation of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms are presented. Principal differences between MRDA and existing computer architectures are shown. Such differences make it possible to process the instructions in almost half the normal time using singular self-sufficient recurrently represented
data-flow. Additional mechanisms that enhance the performance of computations for a number of DSP algorithms have been listed. Some of the proposed mechanisms can also be used in DSP systems of traditional architecture.

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