Yuri Stepchenkov, Yuri Diachenko, Yury Rogdestvenski, Yury Shikunov and Denis Diachenko. Advanced Indication of the Self-Timed Circuits // 2019 IEEE EAST-WEST DESIGN & TEST SYMPOSIUM Batumi, Georgia, September 13 — 16, 2019.

Abstract: Paper discusses a problem of the CMOS self-timed circuits’ indication. Large number of indicating signals in the multi-bit computational devices and registers requires an additional hardware and time for their combining and forming a single control signal that provides a request-acknowledge interaction between interconnected self-timed functional blocks. Indication subcircuit performs this. Multi-input hysteretic triggers allows for accelerating indication subcircuit by factor of 1.1 – 1.6 and reducing its complexity in several times in comparison to standard implementation basis on static and semi-static Muller’s elements. A penalty for this is some shortcircuit current in the worst case.

Дополнительную информацию о содержании доклада вы можете получить на сайте конференции / You can get additional information on the content of the article on the conference website. Также вы можете связаться с авторами доклада, или с руководителем научной группы Степченковым Ю. А. ia_ste@mail.ru / You can also contact the authors of the report, or with the head of the scientific group Stepchenkov Ya. A. ia_ste@mail.ru.

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